Thursday, March 22, 2012

New Website Project

Setelah lama gak posting, gw membuat proyek website baru. Inilah beberapa contoh dari website yang gw buat.

Spekta Music Studio - Booking Online Studio adalah website untuk Studio Spekta dengan sistem booking online. Gw menggunakan phpscheduleit untuk membuatnya. Gw buatnya dengan susah payah karena gw cuma mahasiswa akuntansi yang hampir tidak pernah menyentuh website HTML, CSS, PHP, dan Java Script.

Spekta Management - Event Organizer & Artist Management site
Spekta Management adalah event organizer & artist management website. Gw gunain salah satu CMS terkenal saat ini yaitu joomla. Dan gw gunain YJSG template (dengan modifikasi). Sebelum menggunakan joomla, gw gunain Blogspot untuk website ini.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Facebook is Always One Step Ahead

Facebook Timeline
After incorporating Skype into facebook chat, facebook is now making the timelinefeature in our profile. This is really cool, because now we can write status, addphotos, and others we are at critical moments.

Looks like facebook does not want to lose the users so that they eventually embedthese features into facebook.

Google plus (which he said would rival facebook) will actually be tested with these features. But, surely Twitter would still be a tough competitor because of the ease ofuse.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Ok.. This is my new website project..

This is website is about my management.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Picture of me

This is a picture of me painted by "Gilang Pandeka". He described me as being tangled, numerous affairs, and sometimes difficult to predict.

Gilang Pandeka is an artist, friend, brother (though sometimes often frustrating), and teachers. As an artist, he provides unique works, and have character. He paints in accordance with what was described by his mind, not by his eyes. So the paintings are original. The colors, the pull of the line, and the idea is brilliant.

As a friend, he was very concerned friend. He always reminds me to do good things. To go back to college, pursue, and so forth.

As a brother, he showed that being older is a difficult thing (I was the last brother in my family). He is a member of the family in my life the best.

As a teacher. he taught things about life in a broad sense. Indicates that the world is more than you imagine.

And here is my painting:

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Spekta Band Mencari Gitaris (Has Found)

We are looking for a guitarist of spectacular management to become our permanent personnel, provided that:

1. Age below 27 years

2. Understand music theory

3. Not being in a contract with management or other record label

4. Understand about the guitar

5. Personality fun and easy to work with

6. Domicile Jabodetabek

If anyone is interested contact Antonio (0897-822-3303) / Amy (021-60260460).

Has found. And there is his picture.
Daniel Santoso

Saturday, June 12, 2010

About Studio Music Room

Spekta Music Studio
I've just made ​​a music studio in the area "Oil 2" ... I visited the good acoustics of Foreign Affairs but he lived in Indonesia .. Then he said, the studio very severe.

All theories about rockwool it can muffle the sound, that's sucks (aka not entirely true) ...

Actually with a solid wall was also able to muffle the sound. Then, in terms of door should also be of solid wood with a thickness of about 5cm which was also given a rubber such as a refrigerator door, then given (I forget the name of the appliance) that above the door, which can shut itself Ntar door.

It is also already quite ... need not be given a rug, or gypsum ...

Then the glass for the operator space and studio space should be a really thick ....

But anyway ... we still have to compile spatial acoustics of the room ... In order not to have too much echo reply. That is counting ... which certainly must exist absorption (damping) and difusser (breaker) ...

Gitu aja bro ...

My pictures when perform at PRJ in 2006